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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Flash?

Your Flash Digital Bank Account gives you two separate bank accounts - a primary account linked to your Flash Debit Card and a Savings Account which allows you to save money and accrue interest. Both of these accounts sit with Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC.

Is my money safe with Flash?

Your money is 100% secured with Flash Digital Bank Account because your account is handled by Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC. That means superior security for your money and total privacy for all your personal data.

How is Flash Special

With Flash you sign-up straight from your phone. Your account will be activated on collection of your ATM Debit Card from any Commercial Bank Branch and you will have full access to all facilities provided by Flash. In addition, Flash is the only product out there that allows you to engage with your money in real-time, set up savings and spending goals, invest your money and responsibly build your wealth.

What is Flash Debit Card?

When you sign up for Flash you will receive a special Flash Debit Card within a week. Use it just like you would use any other Debit Card. Even cooler, your Flash Debit Card is linked to your Flash Digital Bank, which means that all your Debit Card spending updates directly to your app in real-time!

Flash Service Fees

Fees may be revised at the discreation of the Bank

Services Pricing
App Signup Fee


Annual Fee


Top up from other bank via Just Pay service Fee FOC
Send Money via Mobile number Fee FOC
Fund Transfers to other bank accounts Fee (handling cost)


Other bank credit card bill payments Fee (handling cost)


Physical Debit Card – Joining Fee Rs.600/-
Physical Debit Card – Annual Fee Rs.300/-
Physical Debit Card Replacement Fee (within the validity period) Rs.600/-
Withdrawal from Commercial bank ATMs – Debit Card Fee Rs.5/-
Withdrawals from Other bank ATMs (Lanka Pay) Fee Rs.30/-
Balance inquiry from Other bank ATMs (Lanka Pay) Fee Rs.10/-
Payments to any LankaQR merchant (Flash QR pay) Fee FOC
Bill Payments Fee (handling cost)



What does Flash offer?

In case you thought Flash was just a mobile banking application, think again. Sure, it allows you to send and receive money more easily than you ever have before, to bank accounts or phone numbers or QR codes - it even lets you pay groups of people in the click of a button! Sure, it lets you pay any of your bills straight from your mobile phone. Sure, the Flash debit card gives you the freedom to spend anywhere or withdraw from any ATM. But on top of all this, Flash helps you manage your financial wellness. The Flash budget manager tracks all of your debit card spending in real-time and alerts you as to how much you have spent and how close you are to your preset daily budgets. The Flash savings manager helps you to identify and create savings goals and automate them so that you can reach all your savings goals in a responsible and well thought out manner. Flash even lets you invest your money in savings instruments, insurance and more.

Who can use Flash?

Flash can be used and enjoyed by anyone with a smart phone. It is an excellent application for those that live a dynamic, mobile lifestyle because it allows you to manage your financial life with ease and flexibility no matter where you are. This makes it suitable for young people and busy professionals. Flash is also extremely popular with youth because, unlike other applications, it provides those that are new to the banking system with a simple, user-friendly set of tools that help individuals take control of their finances and manage their money in a responsible and fruitful way.

How do I sign up for Flash?

Simply download the application from the App Store or Play Store and click on “Register” and follow the user friendly steps to set up your Flash digital bank account.

What are the documents required to register with Flash?

In order to sign up for Flash, you will need the following:

  • NIC/Driving License
  • Billing Proof (If the residential address differs from NIC)
  • Pen & Paper for signature